Aging Well

The good news is we are living longer, happier and healthier lives. For most of us any challenges in going up and down stairs, reaching up at cabinets and preparing foods at a counter top height goes unnoticed until certain abilities start to diminish. We know none of us likes to think about that time in our lives, but planning our living environment ahead of time can make that transition far more comfortable and less urge.

We at Morse Constructions believe that aging-in-place deserves consideration in all renovations, regardless of the age of the homeowner. To us, aging-in-place simply means planning renovations with the future in mind: is the home welcoming to guests of all age, does the home feature low maintenance spaces to that could support a retirement lifestyle, are there adaptations that would be helpful in the case of declining vision or mobility?

Is it is too early to start thinking about how you can age in place or for accommodating a loved one who will be soon living with you or visits often? We believe that it is not too early.