Home Remodeling Tip: Where to Put the TV

When Paul and Karen Morse remodeled the first floor of their own home, they were faced with a common dilemma: where should they put the TV?  They enjoyed having friends over to watch movies or slide shows from recent travels, but they did not want the TV to be a focal point. Our solution was to mount a flat screen TV on a recessed wall mounting bracket that extends and swivels for optimal viewing positions, yet rests flat against the wall when not in use.  A DVD player, cable box and other attachments remotely connect to the TV from a storage location in the kitchen desk area.



As TVs get bigger and bigger, the old solution of hiding them in a wall unit or armoire is often not feasible. At the same time, many homeowners don't want their TV to be the first thing visitors notice when they walk into a room. Fortunately, there are many creative solutions to this design challenge, ranging from sliding panels that may be tucked unobtrusively into a wall, to stashing the TV in the ceiling. This slideshow from Houzz.com offers great inspiration (just click the arrows at the bottom to scroll through the slideshow or anywhere on the sliders to read the full article).



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The Beauty of Built-Ins to Maximize Space

Are you looking to add storage space to your home without adding square footage? Consider built-ins.

Well-designed built-ins are the ultimate combination of form and function. They add visual interest, while providing essential work or storage space that makes use of every square inch available.

Built-ins that are crafted as part of an overall renovation can be tucked between walls, under eaves, under stairs or in other, often overlooked, areas. We made extensive use of built-ins to maximize space in the small Cambridge, MA home pictured below. The built-in in the children's room took the place of an armoire that would have eaten up valuable floor space, while the stairway bookcase provides an interesting visual element in addition to a home for the owners' books.

morse_construction_childrens_bedroom_1-1  morse_construction_stairway-1

In this den in a Back Bay home, we created a built-in desk and entertainment area, separated by a door. The built-ins provide visual continuity with the home's molding and doors -- as well as with each other. The result is a seamless look that would have been extremely difficult to achieve with furniture.



For more inspiration, we are pleased to share an article from Houzz called "Space Savers: Consider the Beauty of Built-Ins." Please click any image to view the whole article on Houzz, or click through the slide show using the arrows at the bottom of the slide show frame.

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Creative Storage Space in Bedrooms

We recently wrote about how to find storage space in an older home and illustrated the article with a photo of a Cambridge bedroom with walls of built-in storage. When Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill wrote an article on creative storage in guest rooms, she shared our photo as a perfect example!

Here's the photo:

bedroom storage Cambridge, MA

And here is what Laura wrote about it:

If you have a window in your guest room, consider working a window seat with hidden storage into the plan. Think through what you need to store before deciding on a layout for your cabinetry — tall cabinets for wardrobe items, drawers for sweaters, shelves for bedding or books.

Here is a slideshow of the entire Houzz article. Simply click on any of the images to go to the full article on Houzz.com.

Since Laura's article ran, hundreds of people have added our project photo to their Houzz Ideabooks for inspiration for their own projects.

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