Preserving Historic Home Features

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 57% of Boston's housing stock was built before 1939. That means that we have more older homes than any other city in the country. Even outside of Boston, we have a wonderful supply of period homes. Over the years, Morse Constructions has been privileged to work on many of them and we've even published a guide on how to breathe new life into older homes

Some homeowners want to preserve the period details and look of the original home, while others are all for bringing a contemporary flair to old spaces.



There is a lively debate on Houzz about whether you should modernize a historic home (read it here). Whatever side of that debate that you take, we've found that most homeowners are sensitive to preserving distinctive old features, but may be unsure about what they should save. The answer depends upon the age of the home, condition of the architectural details and the homeowner's priorities, but here is a useful slideshow from Houzz to provide some general guidance. Just click any of the images to go to the full article on Houzz.


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