Make the Most of a Tight Entryway

When you, your family and guests first enter your home, how are you greeted? Is there a place for you to sit down and pull off snowboots or put heavy parcels down? Is there a clearly defined place to hang coats, place a wet umbrella or place a handbag?

An entryway is a gracious and convenient transition space before entering the primary living areas, but what if your home does not have an official entryway? When we renovated our compact, Victorian-era home we extended an interior wall by just one foot to create more of an entry area near the front door. We also changed the front door so it swings out, opening up space for an efficient storage unit. A sunken entry rug prevents trips, while unobtrusively trapping moisture and dirt.



We switched to a space-saving Runtal radiator in the entry area to accomodate a small bench for removing shoes or setting down mail and packages.

For more ways to create an entryway, please scroll through the slide show from Houzz that we embedded below. Just click any image to go to the full article on

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