The Beauty of Built-Ins to Maximize Space

Are you looking to add storage space to your home without adding square footage? Consider built-ins.

Well-designed built-ins are the ultimate combination of form and function. They add visual interest, while providing essential work or storage space that makes use of every square inch available.

Built-ins that are crafted as part of an overall renovation can be tucked between walls, under eaves, under stairs or in other, often overlooked, areas. We made extensive use of built-ins to maximize space in the small Cambridge, MA home pictured below. The built-in in the children's room took the place of an armoire that would have eaten up valuable floor space, while the stairway bookcase provides an interesting visual element in addition to a home for the owners' books.

morse_construction_childrens_bedroom_1-1  morse_construction_stairway-1

In this den in a Back Bay home, we created a built-in desk and entertainment area, separated by a door. The built-ins provide visual continuity with the home's molding and doors -- as well as with each other. The result is a seamless look that would have been extremely difficult to achieve with furniture.



For more inspiration, we are pleased to share an article from Houzz called "Space Savers: Consider the Beauty of Built-Ins." Please click any image to view the whole article on Houzz, or click through the slide show using the arrows at the bottom of the slide show frame.

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