Creating a Flexible Dining Room Space

A formal dining room seems to be going the way of the fax machine -- you might need it occasionally, but it is no longer essential.. A quick online search reveals scores of articles along the line of Huffington Post's "Why Dining Rooms are Becoming Extinct" or "Better Ways to Use Your Dining Room" on

It may be tempting to convert a dining room to a home office or game room, but what do you do if you want to entertain or host extended family for a holiday meal? We feel the solution is to create a flexible space that can quickly adapt for different uses.

For example, we designed this dining room to double as a project space. The handcrafted table is extraordinarily durable and seamlessly performs double duty as a dining and work surface. The tea cart holding the flowers in these photos provides additional serving capabilities when needed, but can easily be relocated. The slim Runtal radiators accommodate different furniture configurations, as you can see from these shots.





For other ideas about how to create a flexible dining area, read on!  (Just click anywhere on the image to go to the full story on



If you are interested transforming or creating new dining spaces in your own home, please contact us! We can help you both design and build rooms tailored to your needs.

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