Houzz Survey: Home Decor Preferences

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Houzz issued the results of their survey of decorating trends in late August. While Morse Constructions is not directly involved in decorating, decorating decisions often go hand-in-hand with design and construction. We frequently partner with interior designers and it helps to be up on the latest trends.

A few things jumped out at us in the latest survey:

  • Master bedroom as living room: Three-in-five homeowners are including seating in their master bedroom (60 percent). Nearly one-in-ten are taking bedroom nesting a step further by adding a fireplace or a mini fridge.

  • Dining rooms are still used: Nearly half of homeowners are using their dining room daily (45 percent) and another 26 percent are using it weekly. Rectangular dining tables (62 percent) with dark wood (38 percent) or glass (25 percent) and seating for six are most popular.

  • TV creep: In addition to the usual popular living spaces, televisions are showing up in 16 percent of dining rooms. Homeowners are just as likely to include a TV in their kids’ room as a reading nook (both 35 percent).

We're not so sure about the study's discovery that younger homeowners are more likely to use wallpaper to make bold design statements. We're finding that our empty nester clients are often very adventurous with wall decor, as you can see from these photos.

Wallpaper in powder room, Boston remodelingBosto

Wallpaper in Boston Bathroom

The full study is available at info.houzz.com/rs/houzz/images/HouzzDecoratingStudy.pdf

Please contact us if we may help you realize your design vision for your home.

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