The Secret to Successful Home Renovations

In early 2014, we published a quick guide called "How to Plan a Successful Renovation". In it, we shared the story of a gentleman who contacted us two weeks before Christmas to inquire about renovating a bathroom as a Christmas gift for his wife. It would have been a wonderful gift -- if he (and his wife) started planning the renovation months earlier.

Successful renovations depend upon careful planning and collaboration. It is a recipe for trouble to rush the process. (We also think it is a recipe for trouble to surprise a spouse, partner or roommate with a renovation that does not incorporate his or her input, but that is a discussion for another day.)

What are the secrets for successful home renovations? Take a look at our guide on the topic and this recent Houzz Ideabook by Toronto architect Jeffrey Veffer. He makes some great points! To read the full article on a single page on the Houzz website (as opposed to the excerpted slide show mode shown here), just click any photo.


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