Home Renovations for Readers: Innovative Book Storage Ideas

Boston is known for its highly educated population -- which means that even in this era of e-readers, homeowners tend to have a lot of books. It is not unusual for book storage and display to play a role in our home renovations for clients. In one recent project, we actually had to create a basement library before we could proceed with renovation plans for first and second floor spaces. The books were occupying as much room as the furniture!

Our most popular photo on Houzz.com is this simple bookcase tucked into a hallway.

Cambridge MA hallway with bookcase

We've designed and built some very creative solutions to the book storage dilemma, but we're always open to new ideas. We found some in an inspirational Ideabook on Houzz.com called "Bye, Bye Bookcase: Inventive Ways to Store Your Reads". Take a look!

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