Kitchen Renovation and Visitability in the Spotlight

September has been a wonderful month for us. In addition to some exciting new projects, we were honored to have one of our kitchen renovations featured in This Old House and the Massachusetts Senate passed a visitability bill that Paul had supported with his testimony.

Here are the details:

This Old House September 2013This Old House
One of our projects was included in the September 2013 feature, "12 Color Combos that Really Cook." The article by Megan Baker focused on kitchens with two-tone color schemes.

The article used a photo from one of our Cambridge, MA renovations to illustrate a snappy cornflower blue and yellow color combination. Read the article here

Colorful kitchen renovation featured in This Old House


Visitability Bill

In May 2013, Paul testified at the Massachusetts State House on behalf of what had become known as the "Thanksgiving Bill". The bill called for the creation of a commission to study the viability of adding "visitability" design criteria to all new one- and two-family homes. We are delighted that the Senate passed the bill in early September.

Here is a synopsis of the bill from the Citizens' Housing and Planning Association.


Visitability Bill Passes Senate

Massachusetts has an old housing stock with many physical barriers that pose problems for those with limited mobility. In addition to posing significant barriers for those with limited mobility looking for permanent housing, our housing supply makes it extremely difficult for those with limited mobility to visit friends and family. Visitable homes allow people with limited mobility to avoid isolation and live an engaged lifestyle with the ability to visit friends, family, and neighbors. Eight states have adopted visitability policies that apply to new single family home construction. Senator Patricia Jehlen’s bill, S.1787, establishing a commission to study home visitability standards and make recommendations about increasing the accessibility and inclusiveness of the Commonwealth’s housing stock, has passed the Senate.


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How to Choose Kitchen Flooring for Comfort and Aesthetics

You stand for longer periods of time in the kitchen than in any other area of the house, yet the kitchen often has the least resilient flooring. The result? Achy backs and tired joints.

Tile, natural stone and polished concrete may be relatively easy to maintain and look great, but they can take a toll on the body. Houzz recently posted an excellent article on joint-friendly kitchen flooring options. We are pleased to share it below.

Use the scroll bar to access the arrows to see the images as a sidebar, or click any caption or image to review the full article on Houzz.


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