Make the Most of Small Spaces

Small is big right now. The media has been filled with stories about microapartments in cities from Boston to San Francisco. Recently, the Boston Globe even reported on a student who lived in a 130 square foot cottage in the middle of the Hampshire College green as part of a class project.

While most of us will probably not live in a space as small as 130 square feet, there is widespread interest in living more efficiently. At Morse Constructions, we’re definitely finding that more homeowners want to maximize their existing space rather than add on square footage.

How do you make the most of your space? Here a few tips:

Use an open floor plan: Hallways eat up valuable floor space, so your best bet may be to simply do away with them. Remove non-weight bearing walls to allow one room to flow into the next. An open floor plan will make your space feel bigger.

Reduce door swing:  Replace traditional interior doors with sliding panels or pocket doors that tuck out of the way when not in use. You can make better use of the space on either side of the door if you don’t have to worry about accommodating door swing.

Choose built-in storage: Overhead storage or built-in cabinetry use space far more efficiently than stand-alone units that clog up walking and living areas. For maximum space efficiency, consider notching out a non-load bearing wall and creating a storage nook or small reading alcove.

Think vertical: Are you making the best use of your walls? Floor-to-ceiling shelving or storage is wonderfully practical, yet can be visually stunning, as seen in this photo.

beautiful bedroom storage

Expand outside: Just look outside if you want more living space without increasing your home’s interior footprint. A patio, deck or porch will expand your living and entertaining areas during the warm weather for a fraction of the cost of building a full-fledged addition. When temperatures drop, you’ll be glad not to be heating extra square footage!

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