10 Fixes for Small Kitchen Problems

07 ga aftersmallHave a small kitchen? You may be able to make it feel larger and add functional space without adding to the square footage. In Paul's August post on the Real Estate Today blog on boston.com he shared a few tips.

Here's what he wrote:

If you plan to stay put but don’t want to add on, you can make your kitchen appear bigger and function better without gutting the space and starting over (although you can certainly do that too).

Here are 10 ways to make the most of a small kitchen:

1. Install frameless cabinets – Traditional cabinets have a frame. The doors and drawers fit within this frame, leaving a border around the functioning part of the cabinetry. Frameless cabinetry is built as a box. A cabinet door will completely cover the box, eliminating the need for spaces for framing between each cabinetry unit. Frameless cabinets add space to drawers and ease access to deeper spaces.

2. Expand work space – Tuck microwaves, coffee makers, knife racks etc. off the counter to maximize useable counter space and reduce visual distractions. Hang knives on metal wall strips, tuck the microwave under cabinetry and considering creating a breakfast bar with the coffee maker and toaster in an adjacent room. If the kitchen doesn’t have room for an island, invest in a rolling kitchen cart that can be brought out whenever extra work space is needed.

3. Flood the space with light –
Natural light is best, but great overhead and task lighting can make a small kitchen feel more spacious. If you can’t sacrifice wall space by creating or enlarging a window or pass-through to another room, be sure your kitchen feels bright through strategic artificial light.

4. Optimize cabinetry –
Make the most of existing cabinetry with small tweaks to maximize their storage potential. Install inserts in corner cabinets for more accessible storage, stretch the under-the-sink space around the pipes with special inserts for supplies, use the false front of the sink base for a pull down sponge or glove holder, or fill in odd spaces with custom cabinetry to hold spices, hanging utensils or tray storage.

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