5 Essentials for a Successful Renovation

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A home renovation is a big undertaking, but it doesn't have to be stressful if you take key steps before construction begins. 


1. Assemble your design and building team upfront 
Whether you are working with a design/build renovation company or a separate architect and contractor, assemble your team early so members collaborate to deliver the design you want at a price you can afford. The team shares information and brainstorms solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective. Spare yourself the anguish of falling in love with a design only to discover the building cost for that design exceeds your budget.

 2. Build in planning time 
To be meaningful, budgets and timelines must incorporate every detail of your project. As a first step, a good design/build team asks questions about your design preferences, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and priorities. Then they work with you to specify features and products to meet your design criteria. As details are identified, the contractor prepares an accurate proposal that provides realistic budget and scheduling information. Expect the planning process to take from six to ten weeks.

 3. Develop a master plan for the whole house
If you envision making changes to your home in stages, be sure to discuss possible additional renovations with your design/build team. Future plans may affect current placement of plumbing lines, electrical wires, heating units or special design features. A good team saves you money by planning the current project in a way to reduce the cost of renovations down the road.

 4. Ask for visual aids
How will your space look and feel if you move a wall or add a transom window? It's hard to make an informed decision if you can't visualize the solution. A good team will help you "see"your options using computer illustrations, sketches and other tools.We had a client who was nervous about the placement of pendant lights in her kitchen. We hung pinecones to represent the lights and she said that made all the difference. "Steps like that make it so much easier to make the best selections," she comments.

 5. Expect regular communication 
A successful renovation rests on clear and concise communication between you and your team. You've developed your project with in-depth collaboration, creating a renovation plan that fully meets your needs. As the project progresses into the construction phase, you should receive daily updates of tasks completed, decisions that need to be made, and any items that will affect your budget or scheduling. 


For more tips about planning a successful renovation, please download a copy of our 8-page guide, How to Plan a Successful Renovation.

Download Planning a Successful Renovation

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