2016 Kitchen Trends

This week, we will be photographing a handful of recently completed projects, including three renovated kitchens. While we certainly do plenty of whole home renovations, kitchens are ofteny the focus for single room transformations. In Boston -- as in the country as a whole -- homeowners feel strongly about their kitchens. In fact, in the 2016 Houzz kitchen trends study, the leading reason for renovating a kitchen was because the homeowner "could no longer stand the old one." Simply put, poorly designed or outdated kitchens drive us nuts.

The Houzz survey found that homeowners value kitchen storage more than any other factor:


 The survey also found that most homeowners (76%) change the style of their kitchen during renovation -- often moving to a transitional, contemporary or modern look.



For 2016, we're seeing a movement toward a cleaner feel with bold lines. For more information about 2016 kitchen trends, scroll through this slideshow. You can view the whole article on Houzz by clicking any of the images.


If you are ready to get started planning your own kitchen renovation, please contact us!  In the meantime, we look forward to sharing new photos in the next few weeks of some of our most recent kitchen projects.

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